Integrative Archaeology: Access the healing, wisdom and power of ancient sites and discover their hidden histories.

About Integrative Archaeology

Integrative Archaeology: Access the healing, wisdom and power of ancient sites and discover their hidden histories.

  • Machu Picchu.
  • Teotihuacan.
  • Angkor Wat.
  • Stonhenge.

These ancient sites and countless others around the world, call to us.

Embedded in the structures and earth we walk upon lie the wisdom and memories of thousands of years, waiting to be discovered.

And yet, for the traveler who is called to explore these places, the reality of our experience can feel a long way from our dreams. Hefty guidebooks to wade through, giving conventional histories and casting only a dim light on the vibrant cultures and people of the past. Distracting chatter of tour groups. Commercial guides whose role is to tell you what you’re seeing, and interpret your own senses through the words of others.

Integrative Archaeology is for anyone seeking more than a photograph when they visit structures and remnants of ancient worlds and lost civilizations.

Together, we go deeper and allow the stories of the ancestors, ancient civilizations, beliefs and rituals to reveal themselves.

Discover your own connection to ancient archaeological sites — hear the voices of the ancestors who lived and breathed tere and open up to the hidden spiritual wealth, life-changing personal messages and unique stories these mystical places have to reveal.

“Official” narratives of history and traditional archaeology limit their focus to physical evidence and present logical possibilities within a multi-dimensional prismatic landscape. The stories of these places are so much bigger and greater.

Our mission is to empower anyone to pursue an exploration of the wisdom, healing and hidden histories waiting to be revealed when we connect with ancient places, by opening, utilizing and trusting our senses and innate ability to connect with the past.


Picture this.

You stand at a sacred site, somewhere in the world. Somewhere you’ve longed to travel to… that has called to you in images, books, dreams or traveler’s tales.

Stones, structures, waters, mountains and earth have lured travelers, just like you, for thousands of years. Enticed by their beauty, meaning, and invisible wealth of information, we travel great distances, often at great expense, just to be in their presence.

You take a deep breath, feeling the stories you have explored pulse through you. Your approach to the site and the techniques you now have as an Integrative Archaeologist, support you to experience the site on deep and personal levels.

Your intuition guides you to the exact locations that have meaning for you and you feel the messages, which are there for you alone, wash over you.

As you move through the site, you may sense a familiarity, already knowing the paths to take. Your senses are alive, and you feel a deep connection to the previous inhabitants, the beings who have trodden here before you.

As the messages you will take back with you begin to take shape, you feel a great sense of peace and excitement with what is unfolding.

This is like no other trip you’ve ever taken.


Peru Journey

July 15-23, 2018
Allow Peru to reveal itself to you.

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