TIPON: Outside of Cuzco up a winding dirt road, at the top of a mountain, lies the lush and magical site of Tipon with its purifying and uplifting waters. Water flowing from the top and through the left of the site is said to be the merging of the female and male energies.  It is also said to be a representation of the original Inca Empire – Chile, Equador, Peru and Bolivia.  A welcoming and cleansing ceremony is performed to enhance our serenity and peace and connect us to Peru.

ANDAHUAYLAS: Known as the “Sistine Chapel of the Andes”, the 17th Century church is resplendent with outstanding gold leaf frescoes, an impressive doorway and a gilded altar.  The church also houses fine paintings by Riano, Diego Quispe, Tito and Tadeo Escalante, as well as some anonymous artists and possibly the great Spanish painter Murillo. A charming town square is the setting for Andahuaylas.

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