SAQSAYWAMAN: Located just above Cuzco, colossal stones laid out like lightning bolts across the mountaintop have stories to tell going back into the distant past, before the Incas.  The ancients understood that the stones would be the one thing to remain after everything else was gone.  Ancient/Future wisdom is vibrating in the stones and accessible to those who visit this amazing place.   The city of Cuzco is laid out in the shape of the Puma and this site is the head of the Puma.

QENKO: In Quecha the word Qenko means “zigzag” – a perfect description of the nature of this site zigzag cave and its mysterious altars carved from rock.  Take your time here, although a relatively small site, it is steeped in mystery and meaning.
FAREWELL DINNER this evening.

Day 10
Our Final Day in Cuzco! Depending upon the time your flight leave, you may have time to shop, enjoy and explore more of Cuzco. We say our good-byes to old and new friends and welcome the changes conscious travel can bring into our lives.

NOTE: Itinerary is subject to change due to local conditions within Peru and other factors we cannot pre-determine.

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