INTEGRATIVE ARCHAEOLOGY is for the millions of people travel each year to holy places, ancient temples and pyramids, archaeological sites, natural sites and unique spiritual locations around the world.

INTEGRATIVE ARCHAEOLOGY delivers what explorers of sacred places are seeking–something that tourism cannot provide—access to the hidden spiritual wealth, life-changing personal messages and unique stories these mystical places have to reveal. No plans to travel?  Use the skills in this book to enrich your everyday life and honor the Self as a sacred place.

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  • offers a deep understanding of sacred places and our connection to them
  • opens access to the healing, wisdom and transformational powers of sacred places
  • shares divining skills, preparations and exercises to increase your intuitive abilities
  • unveils practical shamanism as a way to access the wealth of sacred places
  • supports an inward focus, confidence and trust in the Self

Luminous expertly guides you through the mysteries of mystical worlds and sacred places.   You will learn how to walk in the way of the shaman—to bridge the physical and spiritual realms.  She invites you to become a Integrative Archaeologist–to integrate practical shamanism into your daily life and restore your multi-dimensional self to wholeness.

Luminous has formed the Integrative Archaeology Foundation to provide education to individuals and groups, provide financial support for indigenous wisdom keeping and communities, and advance the knowledge of our hidden history.  The Integrative Archaeology Foundation is in the process of obtaining a non-profit 501C-3  status.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

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P.O. Box 670 Sedona, Arizona 86339