I always wanted to travel to far away mystical places, but also had concerns around safety. My fears have dissolved! There was not one nanosecond of concern, I always felt safe and cared for wherever we went and will be booking further travel with Luminous.


Indianapolis, Indiana

Everything was so organized and well planned – we made our way through a foreign land like expert travelers – no delays, setbacks or missing links. This wonderful experience is not to be missed.


New York, NY

The wonderful article on how to pack for this type of travel saved my life. I enjoyed every minute of this adventure, met wonderful people, and arrived home with a new perspective.



I put off travel for years, thinking one day I would meet the perfect partner and we would travel the world. A friend told me about these journeys and I figured I would take a risk and go. Life changing! I am not waiting any longer now that I know about Luminous.



As a solo traveler, I was introduced to a potential roommate and we talked and emailed prior to the trip. We had a blast! I know I have made a lifelong friend.


Chicago, Illinois

I did not go on this journey with the idea of having life changing experiences. My idea was to see the sites, take some photos, and maybe have a story or two to tell my grandchildren. I feel like I have had an infusion of new energy and life that has lasted (four months later) long after the trip.


North Carolina

What was I saving my money for? I should have been taking these trips earlier – incredible value received. Much better than money in the bank.



I must have read the itinerary over dozens of times before the trip. Words and pictures are inadequate to describe a journey like this, it will live in my heart forever.



Everything had been considered and thought of in advance. I enjoyed a feeling of safety and security the whole time. I did not have to figure anything out at all. We were gracefully transported, stayed at wonderful places, met amazing people, and learned a whole lot. I’m ready to go again!



I wrote in my journal “This is too fabulous for words” and put stars next to it. I could have written the same thing scores of times, it was impossible to capture even a small bit of the richness of this journey.



Where did all these gentle and loving people come from? All over the world! This community of travelers became like a family as we explored and enjoyed the journey. I felt right at home and hope to stay in touch with many of the people I met.



Divinely Inspired.




The money was well spent! From the moment I arrived, I was carefree, cared for, and had the time of my life. I hope to get a group together for next time. Now that I know about the Travel for Free program, I am inspired to see if I can go on two or three of these trips next year!



I signed up to go along with my friend. Once on the journey, I realized I could sign up to go anywhere with this company and I would be right at home. My fear of travel; especially travelling alone, is gone forever.



I enjoyed all the surprises and special moments that could never be included in an itinerary. The people I met along the way, interesting places and unexpected pleasures. Everyone, no matter how different their background or focus, received more than expected. Me too!




Sedona, Az

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